In the beginning…not in Genesis but Bingham, Illinois

So I thought I’d start with me, how I came to be (well we don’t really need to get into those details, yuck)….how I came to be me. How the journey of my life began.

I’m the youngest of 4 girls and I have a younger brother. I had a great childhood. I have great memories of being a kid. It was the days of no cell phones or video games. We actually played outside and read these things called books. They’re bound pages of printed stories. You read a page then use your finger to turn and read the next one.

We had family reunions back then. When families actually gathered together because they loved & enjoyed one another. We ate together, talked (what!), played board games or cards and just had fun. I visited my Grandma’s a lot, which was right up the road. I snuck up there a couple of times but somehow my parents always knew where I was. Grandma Elizabeth had THE BEST fried chicken, mashed potatoes, noodles, white gravy, homemade rolls & baked macaroni. Those of you who know me can now see why I was always the chubby kid. Man she could cook!

We went to an old country church called Mt. Carmel. All of my family went there. I grew up with these people. They’d have Sunday dinners at Grandma’s. We visited a lot and I was friends with some of their grand kids. VBS, church dinners, Sunday night sing alongs. Falling asleep in the pew or talking to much & getting a thump on the head from Dad to be quiet or wake up.

I think I’ll just use a few posts to tell you about life growing up. Man the memories are thick and flowing… Grandma Mary, Grandpa Louie, Grandma Grace, Aunt Marge. Uncle Gary & Kathy; Aunt Peggy & Shelly; Uncle Dick, Matt & David; Wemp, Evelyn & Mary, Cecil, Maxine & Deanna; Aunt Sharon, Uncle Bob & their nephew Brett; I mention these people because they were family or we went to church together & their kids were my age so we hung out a lot growing up.

I want to remember. I want Ashton to know these things: roller skating at Nokomis or Vandalia every weekend with Mary. All my slumber parties & sleepovers. Riding motorcycles with Brett. Riding snowmobiles with the Sanders’ girls & May kids. Going to the movies in Hillsboro. Shopping on Saturday & going to Fashion Lane, Heslov’s, the Boutique & Shermans. Getting donut holes & hot chocolate at Cordani’s bakery. During Christmas season getting dropped off at the theater to watch a matinee while Mom shopped. Some Saturdays she’d let me stay at the library & I’d just search through the books & read for hours. Being a kids club member at Reaban’s in Hillsboro & Vandalia. Going to the shoe store in Vandalia & they had a wooden animal train that you could ride. I loved that as a kid.

We didn’t have home movies & I didn’t keep a diary/journal. I don’t have tons of pictures from back then because we were enjoying the moments. I hope I can express them to you in a way you can relive them with me. This is just a taste of what I hope to express over the coming days.

This is my legacy of memories, future hopes, dreams, thoughts, advice, & spiritual counsel for my beloved daughter Ashton & others that come to take a peek.

Until next time.

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