Giving all

We are called to love and live as Christ did. He says for us to be humble and to serve. Jesus was the ultimate reflection of those humility and service. John 15:13 says, “Greater love has no one than this, to lay down one’s life for a friend”. This really made me pause.

Am I willing to give all, at the highest cost, for Jesus? Is there any God fearing, bible believing Christian who would say no? When the time comes, and that day is coming, will I be strong enough to say yes?

I believe my faith is secure and that I stand on a firm foundation. I believe in Jesus Christ with all of my heart. But I have a privileged life. I live in a privileged country. I have a home, a car, a job, a wonderful family, friends, church, the freedom to worship and read my bible wherever I am. If all of that was taken from me and I had nothing, absolutely nothing, would I still stand and proclaim Christ as Lord? I think that is a question we surrendered Christians need to ask ourselves.

In the above verse, Jesus was saying to the disciples the day was coming that He would be giving His all. Would they be ready? Would they do the same for Him? If you know your Bible, you know how that went. John was the only one to stay. He was at the foot of the cross. Peter denied him. Everyone else ran away.

Isaiah 42:1a says, “This is my servant; I strengthen him, this is my chosen one; I delight in him”. In my bible I wrote “can God say that of me? Oh, that He will.” When the day comes and I stand before God, may those words be on His lips.

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